We are dedicated to matching you with happy and healthy puppies which is why our puppy health guarantee and assure you that each and every puppy shall be in good health to the best of my knowledge at the time of purchase/adoption.

We will not rehome a puppy that is unfit for sale or contaminated in any way. Each puppy will have his or her puppy shots or be up to date on all vaccines including rabies and will be dewormed annually. These babies will be vet checked and certified free of contagious and infectious diseases. A follow-up vet visit including a stool sample is required. If your vet finds that your pup is unfit for sale, a letter stating so will be required from your vet. If your pet has been found to be unfit for sale a refund puppy will be given as soon as one becomes available. We always advise our clients to contact their vets within 72 hours after they pick up or their puppy is delivered to them for medical checks.

That will assures both parties of the state condition of the dog. Please this is very important and take it very serious. We reserve the right at any time during the adoption process to refuse adoption with a full refund given we do not hold puppies for longer than their 8 weeks, for any reason. We will always be here to assist you in any way if needed. Ultimately, our dog health guarantee is in place to take care of our dogs and to let you feel completely comfortable when searching for your paw-fect match.

We want you to know that our staff is here to help you and your puppy get the help you both deserve. As soon as your fur-ever friend comes home, he or she is a part of the family. So if a pet health issue arises, you treat it with just as much care and concern as you would for any other member of the family